Topics of The Symposium

The Symposium will focus on recent advances in all aspects related to medicinal plants. The program will include a plenary sessions with invited speakers and sessions with submitted papers related to the following subjects:
- The pharmacological activities of medicinal plants and their extracts.
- The ethno-pharmacological studies on medicinal plants.
- Medicinal Plants and their ingredients in Cosmetology.
- The use of medicinal plants as food additives in food recipes.
- Medicinal plants as bio-indicators and heavy metals accumulators.
- Standardization and quality control of herbal medicinal products.
- Organic and conventional cultivation of medicinal plants.
- Climate change and ethno-botanical sources.
- Impact of cultivation and gathering of medicinal plants on biodiversity.
- Industrial utilization of medicinal plants and trends of the herbal pharmaceutical market.
- Medicinal plants in ethno-veterinary practice and animal nutrition.
- The use of extracts from medicinal plants as part of Integrated Pest Management Programs.